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Gustavo Román from Marbella wrote:
Well done! I've added my copy. Greetings from Marbella (Spain)
On 9 Jan 2014 via
Viosy from Poland wrote:
On 8 Feb 2012 via
Santiago2u from Guadalajara, Mexico wrote:
Well done, and thanks for put this site up...thanks also to Declan for the record! It took me almost a year to register my record.
On 10 Nov 2011 via
Yseilys from France wrote:
Great idea to made this website... I agree with some friends here, interesting to see where are all those records... ^^ Cheers from France with my number #2563
On 21 May 2011 via
Theo Romeling from Groningen, The Netherlands wrote:
Thanks to Kristian Petersen for sending me a copie for a fair price. Thanks to Niels ten Have for posting a request.
On 5 Jan 2011 via
Thomas from Germany wrote:
Hi do you know the last/highest number? Wich is it?
On 2 Jan 2011 via
Zachary Gillman from New York wrote:
Awesome site! Thanks! You should add a link to the U2-3 site...
On 22 Dec 2010 via
Kerczó Zoltán from Hungary wrote:
Hi!Great site! :) Do you know, which is the last No.?
On 16 Dec 2010 via
Dirk Zimmermann from Germany wrote:
I wanne send a BIG THANK to Declan Mcconville for this great Record....THANKS Declan :-))
On 10 Dec 2010 via
Joachim from Halver, Germany wrote:
Very nice Idea!!! Hope to see all pressed Copies!!
On 9 Dec 2010 via
P.G. from Athens, Greece wrote:
Great idea guys!!! Walk on... ============================= Kostas - Hellas
On 8 Dec 2010 via
Theo Romeling from Groningen, The Netherlands wrote:
Comment on the post from: Lorraine from Orlando, Florida. I was second on list at my record store but they received only copy they said!! I have heard they had at least 2 copy's!!
On 4 Dec 2010 via
Gordon Graham from Drogheda, Ireland wrote:
Excellent website great to see the spread of WAIE around north america and europe. One thing i read in music magazine here was pressing numbers were going to be 5000 for north america and 2000 for uk/ireland. Maybe that will explain the high numbers appearing. my copy is 4916
On 2 Dec 2010 via
Martin Romeling from Delfzijl, The Netherlands wrote:
Great site Niels. I'm also check this site several times a day. Curieus to see where the copies went. Four in Holland so far ( but i'm sure your copie is underway ) Maybe Bono send Anton Corbijn a copy lol
On 1 Dec 2010 via
Rachèle from Berkel & Rodenrijs wrote:
Great site and I love the map! I check back several times a day to see the new listings. If I see the map I consider myself lucky to get a copy as a 'Dutchie' :)
On 1 Dec 2010 via
Roberto Masone from Benevento wrote:
I've forgotten to say that this website is a great thing! I love it! Can't wait to watch it full! :) My compliments to admin.
On 1 Dec 2010 via
Roberto Masone from Benevento wrote:
Hi everyone. I must admit that I'm tired of pay everything about U2 at a higher price... starting from the concert tickets to this last ltd. ed. Ep. It's not up to me to solve the question. I feed this kind of market buying items twice as much the value price. People make money in the U2 world since the beginning. Sad. PS RECORD STORE DAY is into this as well.
On 1 Dec 2010 via
Lorraine from Orlando, Florida wrote:
Hi all U2 fans... Get a load of this shit. Called early this morning to my local independent record store named EASTWEST RECORDS and the woman behind the counter had 1 copy left and refused to sell it to me because she was going to put it on EBAY for $50 starting bid.
On 30 Nov 2010 via
Massu2 from Biddeford, Maine wrote:
Is there any way to find out from the record label how high they printed the #'s? It's worth looking into. Based on the small sample size that have been registered, there seems to be a sizeable gap between #'s 2564 and 3801. That is about a 1237 gap (or almost 25% of total issued) where the "supposed damage" could have occured(not very effeciant, eh?) As we can tell so far, the highest # is 6465 (slightly over 29% over the initial 5000 limit). Are we to imply that there are another 4% damage somewhere along the line? Possibly. Or are there more than 5000 copies??? Food for thought.
On 30 Nov 2010 via
Michael from Herndon, VA wrote:
You need to put all the locations on a map! It'd be easy to use the Google Map javascript library to add a map with pin locations. I'd love to see the geographic spread of all the numbers.
On 29 Nov 2010 via
Josh bowen from Cincinnati, OH wrote:
#2134 everybody's records cincinnati oh.
On 29 Nov 2010 via
Chris Rotondo from Canonsburg, PA wrote:
I bought #3926 at Dave's Music Mine in Pittsburgh. They only had 3 copies and I got the last one!! I'm so happy!!!!
On 28 Nov 2010 via
Theo from Groningen, Holland wrote:
I was second on list for a copy in local store, only they recieved one copy. Bad luck. But i like these post: #2540 Location: Natick, United States Registered: 27 November 2010 Fan since: 1980 Anecdote: I am thrilled to have my copy, but saddened and disturbed by the number I see listed on Ebay. This is disrespectful and wrong. The band tries to do something nice and people take advantage. Thank you to U2 for providing real fans with such a treasure!
On 28 Nov 2010 via
Ville from Finland wrote:
It is great that U2 wanted to support small (indie) record stores with this release, but it is a bit sad to see that these stores put these records on ebay rather than sell them straight to fans... now the price tag of about 12$ turns to ebay price from 50-150$... of course it is good for stores to get more money, but was that the idea... some fans lined up for hours and they got nothing... well there are some different stores like "Graig Moerer - records by mail" who sold WAIE on ebay for 12$ - all my respect to that store :)! Anyway... i hope everyone gets their copies, one way or another... i got my copies with pre-order from Vintage Vinyl and from a friend in USA - my biggest 'thank yous' to them :)! This site is a great idea and i hope we get as many registered WAIE's as possible... it is very interesting to see where all the copies have landed... will register mine for sure as soon as they have arrived :)))!
On 27 Nov 2010 via
Oliver Deutsch from Austria wrote:
Hi! Thanks for letting me inspiring you! ;-) Very nice! Cheers Oliver
On 27 Nov 2010 via
Johnson Bill from South America wrote:
Last time I checked it is part of America just not part of the United States.
On 27 Nov 2010 via
Nazzareno Orlando from Benevento, Italy wrote:
U2 forever
On 27 Nov 2010 via
Bob Johnson from Toronto, Ontario wrote:
Your site says the release is limited to America...I got two copies in Toronto, Ontario which is in CANADA. Last time I checked, Canada is not part of America. (Niels: Sorry, will update that soon.)
On 27 Nov 2010 via
Chris from New England wrote:
What about the ~150 copies on ebay? Anyone take note of where the sellers claim to be from? or the #s they list?
On 27 Nov 2010 via
Kero Wolf from Indiana, United States wrote:
Awesome it, love it. I'll spread the word as much as I can!
On 27 Nov 2010 via
Declan McConville from England wrote:
I love the idea of this site. Fantastic idea. Well done.
On 27 Nov 2010 via
Jordan Dorans from Kitchener, Ontario, Canada wrote:
kinda funny how all the pics with the serial number has The Edge in it! lol
On 26 Nov 2010 via
Irvan Buchari from Jakarta, Indonesia wrote:
I know it just like "waiting for godot", but hope is not end!dream out loud!!
On 26 Nov 2010 via
Simon reddy from Cork, Ireland wrote:
Great Idea, Looking forward to checking back in a couple of weeks top see where all the copies went
On 26 Nov 2010 via
Angelika from Korneuburg, Austria wrote:
Awesome. I bet that would be fun to see for U2 too ^^
On 26 Nov 2010 via